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Qu’est ce qu’ Aavegotchi ?

Les aavegotchis sont des créatures virtuelles qui vivents dans la blockchain ethereum sous forme de token non-fongible (ERC721). Ce token non-fongible, NFT, peut être stocké comme vos autres tokens sur un wallet comme par exemple metamask.

Comment les obtenir ?

Pour obtenir un Aavegotchi il…

I returned to my first love… math ! Back in a day, (no I’m not old !) I loved hitting my head against the wall to find the solution to a problem. And I remember that game theory and combination was really interesting. …


Now, we can solve easy sudoku puzzles with our algorithm and this is great !
In our implementation, I made a simplification on the ApplyValues module.
It just sets the value but do not apply constraints on the units containing the value. …


In Part-1, we parsed an input_str, create an input_map and apply this map to the initial board. To be ready to follow Part-2, you need this to work.

We will now operate on this representation, which is our map. …


Why this project ?

I started learning Elixir few months ago and after finishing the Elixir channel on, I was looking for a bigger project. I had this Euler project in my head for a long time and the timing was excellent to start it.

Why Sudoku ?

Sudoku is maybe not the most exciting thing…

Ben NG

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