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Qu’est ce qu’ Aavegotchi ?

Les aavegotchis sont des créatures virtuelles qui vivents dans la blockchain ethereum sous forme de token non-fongible (ERC721). Ce token non-fongible, NFT, peut être stocké comme vos autres tokens sur un wallet comme par exemple metamask.

Comment les obtenir ?

Pour obtenir un Aavegotchi il faut posséder des tokens GHST puis il vous faut déposer des fonds sur la plateforme aave. une fois déposé, vous obtenez des aTokens. Ensuite il vous acheter un portail qui correspond un peu à sa maison. une fois tout cela en poche vous pouvez générer votre Aavegotchi

Une fois la…

I returned to my first love… math ! Back in a day, (no I’m not old !) I loved hitting my head against the wall to find the solution to a problem. And I remember that game theory and combination was really interesting. I recently deal with this techniques so let’s talk about it.

Choosing k elements in n

In this blog post we will use the concept of powerset in our algorithm.


A powerset is a collection that contains all the subset of a set (empty and full sets included). Let’s see an example:

How to generated this…


Now, we can solve easy sudoku puzzles with our algorithm and this is great !
In our implementation, I made a simplification on the ApplyValues module.
It just sets the value but do not apply constraints on the units containing the value. Which means if we apply {0,0} -> 3, the 3 units containing {0,0} have to remove the value 3 from the possibilities.

It’s huge because it removes 24 possibilities:

row + column + box = 27 possibilities
and as the element {0,0} appears 3 times, once in each unit
27 - 3 = 24

In this part we…


In Part-1, we parsed an input_str, create an input_map and apply this map to the initial board. To be ready to follow Part-2, you need this to work.

We will now operate on this representation, which is our map.
If you use my repository then switch to part-2 branch ;)

Project structure

In this part we will create 2 files:

├── _build
├── config
│ └── config.exs
├── index.js
├── lib
│ ├── sudoku
│ │ ├── board.ex
│ │ ├── backtracking.ex <--
│ │ ├── data_structure_utils.ex
│ │…


Why this project ?

I started learning Elixir few months ago and after finishing the Elixir channel on, I was looking for a bigger project. I had this Euler project in my head for a long time and the timing was excellent to start it.

Why Sudoku ?

Sudoku is maybe not the most exciting thing but everybody knows what it is and probably already tried once to solve one. So people will be more likely to understand me if I write an article or show the project for job interviews.

Get started

First things first, You need to install Elixir on your computer. …

Ben NG

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